Hi! I'm Mickey, a Newborn and Baby Photographer.

I've previously worked as content creator for small business looking to market themselves on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.  But I wasn't connecting with or enjoying the work.  A friend asked me to photograph his new daughter and from the first moment I looked through the lens at this tiny new human I knew I'd found the career for me.

Newborns and babies are amazing and challenging, and it is my privilege to be in a position to capture these fleeting, precious moments before they're gone forever.

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Staying safe, together

COVID-19 Precautions

During these tumultuous times, it’s important that we remain safe and socially distant to prevent further spread of Covid-19.

As your photographer, I will be masked and regularly using hand sanitiser each and every time I interact with a client.

All props, wraps and clothing have been thoroughly washed and sanitised before your session and will only be used one time before undergoing the cleaning process again.

As a precaution, I ask that only those directly involved with the session attend and that social distance be maintained as much as possible between setups.

If any person in the session is experiencing symptoms on the day of the shoot, please call so we can reschedule at no extra charge.

Together we can protect our community and loved ones.

Kind regards


Vaccination and Covid Safety

As a requirement for all public health orders, vaccination status must be disclosed upon booking a session. At the time of the session, a certificate of full vaccination must be presented via digital or physical proof for all clients aged 16 years and over.

As I work with young (vulnerable) children and babies who are unable to be vaccinated at this time, I have a responsibility to protect them and you from possible transmission.

Vaccination Certificate