Hi! I'm Mickey, a Newborn and Baby Photographer.

I've previously worked as content creator for small business looking to market themselves on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.  But I wasn't connecting with or enjoying the work.  A friend asked me to photograph his new daughter and from the first moment I looked through the lens at this tiny new human I knew I'd found the career for me.

Newborns and babies are amazing and challenging, and it is my privilege to be in a position to capture these fleeting, precious moments before they're gone forever.

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Grand Re-Opening

September 30, 2021

Hey there friends and neighbours!

It sure has been a tough couple of months in lockdown for us all and I’m sure, like me, you’re super keen to get back out there and resume regular life again!

I had moved prior to June, and had just got my new studio up and running when dun dun dahhhhhh…..Delta!

My studio has been sitting there just WAITING for the day I get another brand new bubba to photograph again…..and that time is SOON!!

So many new little humans have arrived, and I’m sure they’re parents are just itching to show off how adorable they are and record this moment in time. Well, here’s where we help each other!

In order to get back up and running again, I’m offering a discount of 40% to all bookings placed from now until the end of October*. That’s 40% off Newborn sessions, Sitter sessions and Family Sessions.

Health regulations are still in effect so I will be following all mandated steps including masks, QR codes at my studio, sanitising and vaccines.

I am fully vaccinated and require all those 16years and over attending my home studio to also be fully vaccinated for the safety of the babies and children I interact with until such time as the health authorities deem it safe to do so. The health and well being of the families who visit my studio are always and will continue to be my paramount concern.

For more information please visit my Covid-19 information page.

To book, please go to my bookings page and select the date and time that best suits you.

I CAN’T WAIT to get back at this again, and look forward to seeing you and your beautiful families soon!

Stay safe and sane!

Mickey 📸

*Bookings can be for any date but must be placed and deposit paid before the end of October.