Tabula Rasa

It’s a gloomy, meh, day in Sydney. I’m not sure what I can shoot. However, the wind is ablowing. So much so that more than once I’m almost forcefully pushed from my position and buffeted by passing buses.

Pedestrians walk braced against the headwind and I see the kernal of image idea as a woman struggles down the street across from me, hair and jacket akimbo. Now comes the waiting….

Close, but I really want to get something with a long-haired woman.

Closer, but this Goldilocks still isn’t happy

Still not quite right but an interesting composition none the less.

Last weeks blogpost was all about the patience required to capture a “moment” in time.

I have to admit that in this instance, boredom won out and my stoicism in the face of the prevailing wind-gusts had me abadoning this particular street corner in favour of lunch and coffee.

Hey, you win some, you lose some but there will always be coffee!

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