Fancy meeting you here!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! My name’s Mickey Richards and I’m  in the process of becoming a professional photographer based in sunny Sydney! I’m looking for models to help fill out my portfolio.
If you like my work then don’t hesitate to reach out.

I’ve had a passion for photography since I was first introduced back in the ‘ole film-stock days. I saved up my dollars working after school to go into the second hand camera store and purchase my first “real” camera, an Olympus OM10.
I became the school magazine’s photographer and interned at studios and the local paper whenever I could.
Travel became my second passion, and combined with my love for street photography I’ve worn down many a pair of shoes tramping the back alleys and marketplaces of remote locations.
I’m attracted to the authentic and everyday, find joy in the faces of my fleeting subjects, and seek beauty in natural and man-made constructions, choosing not to manipulate the images I capture beyond enhancing their natural charm.
I’m happiest when behind the lens, and find nothing more satisfying than stumbling upon a perfect ‘scene’, and having the good fortune to have been there to capture it.

Need a new portrait to fill out your tinder profile?


Or perhaps you’d like something a little more professional for your website or Linkedin?

I’m happy to trade time for a free portrait if you don’t mind posing for me in exchange to help me fill out my portfolio.

Contact me and we’ll make the exchange (code names and passwords too if you’re into role play! lol)